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Meet Mahogany! She knows her flying candy machine can be a big hit if she can make it to Wall Street.


For a smart, sassy, imaginative, eight-year-old black girl from Charlottesville, a bedtime story can spark an idea. Mahogany and her three stuffed animal friends, a.k.a business partners, set out on an adventure to make their Flying Candy Machine real. She knows where the money is and the Magic of the Imagination lands them on Wall Street. Educating her friends along the way about the financial market, Mahogany knows that offering an IPO is a sure way they can acquire money to build the machine. The only thing standing in the way of her dreams is the fun snatchers. Will Mahogany & friends make it to Wall Street? What would you do if you had the coolest invention? Would you go on an adventure to make your dreams come true? Or would you let your fun-snatching parents stand in the way?


This is the 1st book in the Mahogany and Friends Series crafted to fill a void in financial literacy that is readily available to children in a story format.

Mahogany goes to Wall Street is the perfect children's picture book that will grow with the child, serve as a reference guide, and help the parents spark fun conversations.

Mahogany goes to Wall Street

  • Ages 5-11. Early reader. Introduction into the Financial Market. Dimension 11 x 8.5.

    ISBN: 979-8-9851325-0-2 -Hardback  979-8-9851325-1-9


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