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Educational, imaginative, and adventursome. With beautiful and vibrant illustrations, this BIPOC book will spark fun conversations with children about goals, savings, and believing in yourself.


Meet Malcolm!

Behind every successful boy, there is a master plan!


The school bell rings - summer break is here - and Malcolm is worried that his big dreams to be a Gazillionaire might not be possible. After all, as a young boy, he can't work 300 hundred jobs and he is not a star basketball player. With help from his family, community, and sidekick, Satchel, Malcolm discovers the importance of having a long-term plan and being confident, consistent, and courageous! But will this help him reach Gazillionaire status?

Let the adventures begin!


Filled with heart, humor and Malcolm's own rhymes, the second book in Mahogany and Friends series is sure to delight children and parents looking for simple explanations to life’s complex ideas.


Malcolm's master plan to Gazillionaire

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